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Accessories for Lockers

  • Wristband

    Made from ultra-consistent material, humidity resistant, with number plate and safety lock. Various colors and sizes.


  • Hangers

    Aluminum Hanger bar with 2 hangers (hook and normal) made of ABS sliding. Stainless steel hangers AISI 316.


  • Locks

    We have available slam lockers, coin or electronic. All of them with a master key (with wrist band included) and lockable with profile cylinder, locks or electronic.


  • Profiles

    Anodized aluminum profile, in-house manufactured. It delivers a high quality finish and an assembly like no other


  • Backside Wall

    Phenolic rear walls drilled for air circulation.


  • Face out roof

    Internal pieces of 13 mm, final piece of the same color as front part. External leaning front part of 4 to 13 mm. It is possible to manufacture it either phenolic material or melamine.


  • Shoe Rack

    Phenolic Interior box in 4mm White and fixed to it through aluminum profile.


  • Side

    The laterals can be manufactured with the same color and material that the one chosen for the door.



    Stainless steel screws. In-house manufactured with high quality finish. Large variety of mechanisms, anti vandalism ironwork...

  • Inside separating parts

    Additional separators parts for 1-door locker (clean / dirty clothes separator), built with 6 to 10 mm thickness, white color and polished edges. Fastened by aluminum profile. Also made of melamine.

  • Socket

    Made from 13 mm phenolic resins compact. Fastened with clamps to the legs of the locker. Can be registered.