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The Phenolic Material

Fire resistant
Non-porous surface
Resistant against wear and impacts
Dirt repellent
Resistant against cleaning products and disinfections
Unalterable against humidity

Laminated formed from cellulose sheets impregnated with phenolic resins, compressed at high pressure and temperature.

Decorative exterior faces are impregnated with resins and color sheet that offers great resistance against use.

Because of its exclusive features, the phenolic panel is the best fitting material for the construction of facilities that require the maximum resistance due to the use:

  • Water resistant, against humidity and high steam degree.
  • Highly resistant against many chemical products.
  • Functional installation and assembly.
  • Hygienic
  • Non-toxic surface
  • Highly resistance against impacts and ruling
  • Decorative and esthetic with a wide range of colors.

There is a wide range of colors with imitation of various hardwoods or just plain colors. You may consult our stock colors range and the "under request" colors menu in order to personalize your facilities.


  • Standard quality D-S2, d0 norm EN 13501-1
  • Possible under request: B-S2, d0 (Ex M1) according to norm EN 13501-1
  • 0,5 mm maximum arrow, 1,45 g/cm3 density according to norm DIN 53479
  • Water absortion

Stock colors

Colors in stock for phenolic material


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