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Doors and Frames

Range of phenolic sliding doors for interior, with or without telescopic frame, of exclusive STAFF design.

Specially conceived for sanitary facilities, sport complexes...

Functionality, esthetics and resistance at the service of users.





Built in the shape of a "sandwich" of structure 2,5-3 + 33 + 2,5-3 mm.

Two plates made from 2,5-3 mm phenolic compact, and 33 mm rigid expanded polystyrene of density 30, pasted and Compressed with perimetral frame made from 25 mm phenolic compact.

Matt silver finish anodized aluminum frame, with two STAFF telescopic pieces all along the whole profile, covering between 80 and 290 mm, with the different profiles of the ensemble, finishing with rubber perimeter junction for a perfect fitting to the walls, with aluminum reinforcements in the most important zones, together with a strong and esthetic finish.

Three stainless steel hinges each door, stainless aluminum/steel handle with the ordered lock.

For the installation of STAFF frames it is recommended to use a wooden preframe of specific dimensions.

Herrajes puertas y marcos STAFF




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