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Staff Sedo SL

Staff Sedó, S.L

Our main activity is the manufacture and installation of lockers, benches, sandwich doors, telescopic frames, cabins, separation screens, wall cladding in phenolic, wood, glass and with stainless steel fittings and profiling.

Thanks to our professional team, and to the important business commitment on the alert for the leading technology in production systems, we currently offer a wide range of lockers, benches, sandwich doors, telescopic door frames, cabins, screens and wall cladding with phenolic, wood and glass.

We are backed by our vast experience in the design of projects, the production of sports equipmentand the many sports and leisure facilities.

Years marked by the innovation and development of a select offer of products, aimed at our customers of gyms, hotels, hospitals, schools, spas...

An evolution in the use of traditional materials and the constant search has led us to phenolic materials, which seem to be ideal for this type of facilities, due to its hardness, image, their easy-maintenance, hygienic properties, and which have been widely used in all sort of facilities such as schools, airports, offices, gyms...

Staff Sedó has the infrastructure and a professional team necessary to carry out the projects and the installation of our range of equipment at national and international level