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Founded in the 70s, always offering real solutions and business projects at a national and international level. Our production processes are, constantly being updated in order to offer the best quality-price relation, assess on the best-suited materials, and space profitability.

This family business started up back in the 70s. Always related to the world of sports, with a constant evolution and research; thanks to a magnificent human team, to the highest technology of its products, of the construction processes and the concern for our customers, have led us to be the leaders of our areas and we have settled into the market as a symbol of quality, guarantee and service.



Our main activity is the manufacture and installation of lockers, benches, sandwich doors, telescopic frames, cabins, separation screens, wall cladding in phenolic, wood, glass and with stainless steel fittings and profiling.

Thanks to our professional team, and to the important business commitment on the alert for the leading technology in production systems, we currently offer a wide range of lockers, benches, sandwich doors, telescopic door frames, cabins, screens and wall cladding with phenolic, wood and glass.

We are backed by our vast experience in the design of projects, the production of sports equipmentand the many sports and leisure facilities.

Years marked by the innovation and development of a select offer of products, aimed at our customers of gyms, hotels, hospitals, schools, spas...

An evolution in the use of traditional materials and the constant search has led us to phenolic materials, which seem to be ideal for this type of facilities, due to its hardness, image, their easy-maintenance, hygienic properties, and which have been widely used in all sort of facilities such as schools, airports, offices, gyms...

STAFF Sedó has the infrastructure and a professional team necessary to carry out the projects and the installation of our range of equipment at national and international level


More than thirty years of experience guarantee our professional career and allow us to offer you the creation and design of all sorts of sports facilities, wellness areas to cover all market needs, from individuals up to large complexes.


1.- Field of work

Water is our field of work. We specialise in the planning and execution of swimming pools, both public and private, and we collaborate with you from the moment the idea starts taking its form.


2.- Commitment

taff Swimming Pools from the beginning, has been consolidated as a highly reliable company, participating in various constructions environments, that built our experience and which provided a responsibility development framework and its dedication to quality.

The company wants to underline the importance of stablishing its principles of corporate responsibility as a model to share its values with all its interest groups. These values are:

  •   The essential value of commitment that makes sense within the relationships and connections with all its publics: customers, employees and suppliers.
  •   Credibility in the sense of maximum responsibility when taking and stablishing global challenges, specific goals and controls to audit our results.


3.- Installation and execution of works

wimming Pools SL has the infrastructure and the professional team to carry out the assigned projects. Our professionals provide custom-made solutions, quality service and carry a permanent monitoring of the implementation, in order to accomplish the stablished delivery times and to fulfil.

The specifications and requirements that each construction might require.


4.- Engineering

We have experience, technological capacity and human resources to develop engineering projects for any kind of facilities.

The company has the commitment that allows to develop the preliminary plan up to the after-sales service, as well as to design the facility detail by detail in order to achieve effectiveness and custom-made solutions.

Staff Swimming Pools has the infrastructure and professional team necessary to carry out gunning projects at national and international level.Our constant research has led us to create and patent the trademark JBS.


5.- Complementary services to the construction of swimming pools

  • All in one design of facilities, including:
    •   Preliminary report of facilities
    •   Basic project
    •   Executive project
    •   Construction bidding
    •   Audit of Projects
  • Licenses and legalisation, including:
    •   Normative justification for public swimming pools
    •   Normative and prevention justification for legionellosis
    •   Project of activities for environmental license
    •   Site safety plan
    •   Legalization of installations
  • All in one Water management, including:
    •   Audits on water saving
    •   Audits on water management projects
    •   Studies of different solutions.
    •   Studies of water reuse
    •   Studies of justification for treatments and systems
  • Project management, including:
    •   Project management team
    •   Executive management
    •   Quality control