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Premium quality benches, supported by a reputation built through more than twenty years. The quality of our wood and phenolic benches is evaluated by the materials used in their manufacture as well as by their designs (standard or custom-made), manufacturing methods, distribution and final assembly.

STAFF benches, in all their modalities, offer high resistance and functionality, with excellent esthetic finish.

The following classification provides further information about the specifications of each type of bench.

Phenolic Benches

Phenolic Benches

Variety of models of high durability, made from phenolic resins compact.

Wooden IPE Benches

Wooden IPE Benches

Variety of models of high durability, made from wooden IPE

Custom-made benches

Custom-made benches

Benches with exclusive designs, personalized to fit the needs and functionalities required.

Bench models

Bench models

Locker room benches. STAFF standard bench models

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In Staff we manufacture a wide range of benches so that you’ll be sure to find the model that best fits your needs. Furthermore, given that we are manufacturers, we have the required infrastructure to produce customized designs.

Right after, the list of our standard models, which are common in most of facilities and locker rooms due to its esthetic level and functionality.
Every model can be made from phenolics or from Ipé wood (Tabebuia).