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Box Equip. Large and spacious Lockers

Models of lockers conceived and designed for teams, groups or collectives that require greater space for joint storage.
Made from compact phenolic resins compact and with a large range of colors for your choice.

Doors: 13 mm

Roof-floor-shelves: 10 mm

Aluminum profile: Yes

Backside wall: Drilled phenolic material

Standard dimensions: 1800 x 1000-1300-1700 x 500 mm

Screws: Stainless steel


  • Standard dimensions 1800 x 1000-1300-1700 x 500 mm, possibility of tailor made boxes.
  • Compactly made of 13mm phenol resins.
  • 13 mm thick doors, polished edges.
  • With two internal horizontal separators parts, roof and base 10mm.
  • 4 mm thick sides and vertical intermediate separators.
  • 3 mm rear phenolic wall, drilled for air circulation.
  • Special Staff Anodized aluminum vertical bars, for lockers.
  • Stainless steel anti-vandalism hinges, flat model for a unitary load of 10 Kg. Adjustable with special parts, without mechanizcal parts on the bar, avoiding future breakages.
  • Stainless steel screws.
  • Adjustable P.V.C legs with 35mm diameter and a base 52mm.
  • Locker with number plate on lock trim.
  • Color: white body, door to be determined.
  • Lock to be chosen (with numbered wristband included in the coin models).

Additional information

If you would like the final lateral parts (frame) can be the same color as the door.
They are delivered in modules of 1 single BOX. .

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