Splash Pad and cabins for Camping Caballo de mar, Barcelona

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  LOCATION: Pineda de Mar, Barcelona

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  TAGS: Splash Pad, pools, sanitary cabins

Construction of a Splash Pad or water play area without water accumulation, designed for the fun and safety of the little ones. Additionally, we have installed a set of sanitary cabins and partitions for toilets.

In STAFF Piscinas SL, we are pleased to present our new project, a Splash Pad that redefines water fun by eliminating water accumulation, prioritizing the safety of children. Our proposal offers a visually appealing environment and incorporates advanced technologies to provide a worry-free play space for parents.

As an integral part of this project, we have also installed a set of sanitary cabins and partitions for toilets. These facilities meet high hygiene standards and add comfort to the overall recreational experience.

What is a Splash Pad and what advantages does it offer?

A "Splash Pad" is a water play area designed to provide fun and entertainment without the need for water accumulation. Unlike conventional pools, Splash Pads are designed with systems that allow water to be sprayed, misted, or controlled in various ways from different structures and sources, creating a playful and refreshing environment.

The characteristic of a Splash Pad is that there is no accumulated water depth, making it a safe option for children of all ages. The water used in our Splash Pad is recycled and treated before being redistributed to the system, contributing to the sustainability of the system.

This type of facility is popular in public parks, recreational areas, resorts, and hotel complexes, offering a safe and fun alternative for children and families to enjoy water without safety concerns. Additionally, Splash Pads incorporate interactive and themed features to create a visually appealing and stimulating experience.

What elements make up the construction of a Splash Pad?

The construction of a Splash Pad involves the integration of different elements to create an interactive and safe space. Below are some common elements that, as in conventional pools, are part of the construction of a Splash Pad:

  • Non-slip Surface: The Splash Pad area generally has a non-slip surface to ensure the safety of users, especially children who will be barefoot or wearing water shoes.
  • Plumbing Systems and Pumps: Plumbing systems and pumps are installed to allow controlled distribution of water through various structures and features, such as fountains, sprayers, and jets.
  • Aquatic Structures and Features: Various structures and features designed to spray, mist, or pour water in a fun way are incorporated. These elements can include water arches, tunnels, water guns, tipping buckets, among others.
  • Water Recirculation System: To promote water system sustainability and efficiency, a recirculation system is installed to collect, filter, and treat the water before redistributing it on the Splash Pad.
  • Controllers and Management Systems: Control systems are used to regulate the intensity, height, and sequence of different water features. This allows a customizable experience adaptable to user preferences and ages.
  • Rest and Shade Areas: In some installations, rest areas with shade are included so that people can relax outside the water play area.
  • Efficient Drainage: An efficient drainage system, usually sloped, is implemented to avoid water accumulation in the area and ensure a safe environment.
  • Thematic and Decorative Elements: To make the experience more visually appealing, thematic and decorative elements that complement the overall design of the Splash Pad can be incorporated.

The combination of these elements creates a fun, interactive, and safe Splash Pad for children and families to enjoy water fun without worries.

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