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Once again this season, Camping Las Dunas in Sant Martí d'Empúries, Girona - Costa Brava, has expanded its range of services to its customers.
Staff Piscinas has built a fun children's pool, with almost 900 m2 of water surface, which houses a large water castle and a dozen more water games for children's enjoyment.

In its continuous evolution and as part of the investment plan to provide greater comfort for its customers, Camping Las Dunas management has decided to build an important pool area, completely redoing the existing basins and the surrounding beaches. Camping Las Dunas relied on a company with recognized experience in the sector, such as Staff Grup, both in the design phase and in the preparation of the executive project and the construction of its pools.

STAFF Grup has its own technical department, to ensure, in addition to the correct execution of all works, that the design of the pools was viable, rational, and sustainable, we have the infrastructure and professional team to carry out gunite projects and pool installations at the national and international level, as demonstrated in this project.

In the case of Camping Las Dunas, two large pools have been built, one for adults and one for children, with a total of 1,900 m2 of water surface. It is an aquatic paradise of almost 5,000 m2 in total, as it also incorporates several slides, whirlpool areas, and other water games, as well as a children's play area with attractions, for family enjoyment. The outdoor terraces, with 2,600 m2, complete together with the pools a magnificent recreation area for all users of Camping Las Dunas.

Both basins have been built on site (shotcrete and gunite), are of the overflowing type, and show unique design and functional details, created in line with the establishment's category.

Adult pool

The adult pool, with an area of ??1,500 m2, has different usage areas, for the different proposed activities:

  •   Swimming area, with an artificial river 2.5m wide and 25m long, with water propulsion through 12 special bronze nozzles.
  •   Relaxation area for 10 people, with 10 individual massage loungers made of ergonomic materials, with air propulsion through 10 independent blowers.
  •   Spa area, with a 20m bench development, including water-air jet nozzles and air propulsion nozzles.
  •   Hydromassage area, with 4 stainless steel waterfalls and 3 cannons, and a 4-person hot tub made of concrete.
  •   Play area, with two hydro tubes, a giant slide, a ramp, and a mini slide, with a total flow of 500 m3/h.
  •   Access area with small steps and a large 100 m2 ramp.

All of these areas are perfectly delimited through careful design but are perfectly integrated into the same pool. Users can enjoy any of the different areas independently, as each one has its own access, through ramps or wide concrete stairs.

The lining of the adult pool was made using 25x25 mm vitrified mosaic tiles in mist blue, with details and edge signage in different tones. Material class 3 was used for the entire foundation, in accordance with current regulations.

Children's Pool

The children's pool, with a surface area of 45 m2, has a large central activity castle, which delights all children. This attraction captures the attention of practically the entire audience, featuring slides, ramps, a bucket that pours its load, and other games. The castle structure is approved for specific use in swimming pools, with a total flow of 70 m3/h.

The pool lining was also made using 25x25 mm vitrified mosaic tiles in mist blue, with details and edge signage in different tones.

Physicochemical water treatment

Both pools have independent water treatment equipment. Water purification is carried out using wound polyester filters with siliceous filter media installed in a large machine room.

All pools strictly adhere to the design standards set by the Government of Catalonia with regard to water renewal times and filtration speeds, which do not exceed 20 m3/h/m2 in any of the pools, in order to achieve the greatest water transparency. To meet these parameters, 12 filters with 1,800 mm diameter were installed, along with their respective valve banks.

All installed electric pumps are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic to avoid corrosion problems. Electric motors with a speed of 1,500 rpm were selected to increase their service life and reduce noise during operation.

The disinfection of all pools is carried out by salt electrolysis chlorination, thus obtaining an unbeatable water quality. The installed electrolysis equipment includes, in addition to automatic self-cleaning, chlorine and pH reading and dosing components.

Other common elements: lighting and home automation

Both pools have underwater lighting through RGB LED spotlights, which give them impressive night views. A total of 35 70 W luminaires were placed in the large pool and 10 50 W in the children's pool.

All functions specific to each pool, such as purification, underwater lighting, disinfection, and especially water games, are fully automated by Staff Piscinas, in order to achieve optimal operation with the lowest possible maintenance cost for the camping staff. Both for Staff and for the management of the establishment, the design of the pool home automation was an essential factor for the profitability of the installation.

In short, the amount and diversity of equipment makes the new pools of Camping Las Dunas a unique space.