Forus Gyms - Spain

Forus is a company that, under the administrative concession model, is dedicated to the construction and rehabilitation of municipal sports centers and their subsequent management. To date, it has 34 sports centers in Spain and Portugal, among which STAFF Grup has manufactured and installed various models of phenolic lockers, stalls, and benches.

The gym chain Forus, a leader in the management and construction of gyms in Spain and Portugal, has entrusted STAFF Grup with the manufacturing and installation of phenolic lockers, benches, and stalls for changing rooms in various centers.

Forus has 34 sports centers spread throughout the Peninsula, offering quality services and top-notch facilities. Among all of them, Forus has relied on STAFF Grup for the manufacturing and installation of phenolic equipment for the changing rooms of the following sports centers:

Forus gym map
  • FORUS ALCALÁ – Madrid
  • CDM BARCELÓ – Madrid
  • FORUS GETAFE – Madrid
  • FORUS ELCHE – Elche
  • FORUS LA RAMBLETA – Valencia
  • FORUS LA FLOTA – Murcia
  • FORUS SEGOVIA – Segovia

Personalization and the quality of the finishes in the projects carried out by STAFF Grup for Forus gyms are two of the factors that both our clients and our client's clients have appreciated the most.