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  LOCATION: Barcelona


  TAGS: lockers, benches, shower cabinets


The Claror fitness and spa club, located in their gym Claror Marítim in the Vila Olímpica de Barcelona, has renovated the facilities of their premium women's changing rooms to offer more space and equipment in a single area: lockers, showers, adapted booths, toilets, and countertops.


Supplied Equipment

After equipping other centers of the Claror Private Foundation (Claror Sardenya and Claror Cartagena), STAFF Grup Sedó also renovated the Premium women's locker rooms of the Claror Marítim gym in the Vila Olímpica de la Barceloneta.

The following equipment was manufactured, assembled, and supplied for the renovation of the women's locker rooms:

  •   Phenolic lockers with 2 doors embellished with lower and side baseboards of the same wood color. This resulted in a spectacular aesthetic finish and rigidity of the set.
  •   Locker closing system with key and supply of wristbands for keys.
  •   Set of showers separated by cabins of the C2 model, and a new adapted cabin with shower and toilet.
  •   Set of double benches with shoe rack, backrest, and coat hooks (BF3 model) and wall coat hooks (BF6 model).


Wood-colored phenolic board

The wood color used in the phenolic material of each and every one of the installed equipment, lockers, benches, partitions, cabins, etc., gave it the warmth level that every user expects to find in a locker room, while also giving it a superior level of quality to the facilities as a whole.

In contrast, white phenolic boards were used for the wall cladding and countertops where sinks, mirrors, and hand dryers were located.