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Design, production, and installation of custom phenolic furniture and equipment at Grifols Laboratories facilities in Ireland. This includes the significant manufacturing of large-scale phenolic structures for PPE storage (Personal Protective Equipment against infections and viruses).


After building a strong relationship of trust over 3 years, supplying all kinds of phenolic equipment (lockers, benches, shelves, counters, etc.) for Grifols Laboratories in Barcelona, STAFF Grup has once again been chosen to outfit their Ireland location.

Phenolic: A Material Resistant to Disinfection

On this occasion, a highly resistant material capable of withstanding multiple and frequent disinfection processes was required. It needed to be able to store sensitive materials used by the healthcare service and the general population to prevent the spread of viruses and other infections (PPE materials).

The choice was clear. Phenolic material is currently the only one that can guarantee these characteristics while also being suitable for manufacturing furniture, lockers, or large storage drawers.

Custom Furniture

The project consisted of designing and manufacturing shelves, lockers, cabinets, drawers, and all kinds of custom furniture (including gigantic drawers) for Grifols Laboratories in Ireland. As manufacturers of phenolic equipment, we have the infrastructure, facilities, and qualified technical team to mass-produce custom phenolic furniture, transport it domestically and internationally, and assemble and install it at the client's location.

Thanks to our facilities and status as manufacturers of all types of phenolic equipment, we can handle large orders and customize the design, measurements, and details of any necessary equipment.

Together we will achieve it