Swimming pools, lakes and SPA in Port Aventura - Tarragona

Staff / Projects / Port Aventura

  LOCATION: Tarragona, Salou

  CATEGORY: Hotels

  TAGS: large resorts, sand pools, outdoor SPA, decoration and theming, lakes

STAFF Piscinas S.L carried out the construction works of the aquatic areas for a large tourist complex, such as the Hotel Port Aventura, the Hotel Caribe Resort, and the Beach Club (Luminé) at Port Aventura in the province of Tarragona.

These works involved the construction of large pools, including a beach-type pool, as well as outdoor wellness areas with SPA, hydrotherapy, and water jets, along with artificial lakes. All of it themed and decorated down to the last detail.


Since the opening of the park, Staff Piscinas S.L. has been part of the execution team for the construction of the Hotels and Parks at Port Aventura. Whether it's the turnkey construction of large pools or the necessary maintenance of the facilities, our collaboration with Port Aventura has always been very close.

Among the notable works carried out are those at Hotel Port Aventura, Hotel Caribe Resort, and the annex complex to Port Aventura Beach Club (Luminé).

  •  The project at Hotel Port Aventura involved the construction of two large outdoor pools for adults, a children's pool, and an outdoor spa. All of them were themed as a Mediterranean fishing village. Two decorative lakes with a capacity of 2,000 m3 were also included. In total, it covered an area of 3,300 m2 of water surface.
  •  At Hotel Caribe Resort, two large outdoor pools for adults were built, one of which was a beach-type pool with a capacity of 2,000 m3, using the patented JBS® sand system. An artificial decorative lake and a children's pool were also included. Additionally, a wellness area with hydrotherapy pool and spa was added. The exterior pool decorations consisted of the recreation of paradise islands with bars, waterfalls, and extensive beach areas, covering a total surface area of 5,800 m2 of water surface.
  •  At the Beach Club (Luminé) complex, adjacent to Port Aventura and near the beaches of Tarragona, six large outdoor pools for adults and two children's pools were constructed. One of them, measuring 900 m2, also features a sandy floor (using the JBS® system). Two of the remaining pools included air loungers, water cannons, hot tub area, and a complete recreational and relaxation equipment with the most advanced technology. The total water surface area of the complex was 2,500 m2.