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An increasing number of schools rely on STAFF Grup for renovation or beautification projects of their facilities. Recent works include the "Institut de les Arts" in Barcelona, the Palcam school, and the Sunion School.

Schools and institutes are centers where their facilities are subject to considerable and varied use. Tables, walls, columns, rooms, doors, and changing rooms often require small interventions to continue providing the service for which they were designed.

Phenolic in schools and institutes

Phenolic material has very suitable characteristics to be used in schools and institutes, where maximum resistance is required. Its finish also allows for a modern, appropriate, and personalized style for each situation. Finally, qualities such as being fireproof, dirt-repellent, antibacterial, and resistant to cleaning and disinfecting products provide safety and hygiene to the entire installation.

At STAFF Grup, as experts in the use and supply of phenolic equipment, we have carried out different actions, among which the most common ones are worth mentioning:

Most requested actions

The most common actions we carry out for schools and institutes are:

1. Wall cladding

Wall cladding with phenolic panels or boards covers any interior or exterior wall with phenolic boards, protecting the wall from impacts, scratches, and dirt. It allows easy cleaning without losing its original appearance and without being affected by moisture.

We can implement this type of cladding on classroom walls, corridors, columns, lobbies, or any other place, customizing the spaces with a unique style for each school.

2. Lockers, tables, doors, and counters

In addition to walls, lockers are one of the most requested equipment. Any facility that requires a renovation of its lockers is preferable to use phenolic material, which is more resistant, useful, and cost-effective.

Similarly, we also design and equip schools with phenolic tables, doors, reception counters, halls, and offices.

3. Changing rooms and bathrooms

Changing rooms and bathrooms are another space in a school where phenolic material is widely used. They are usually humid spaces and require the use of very aggressive cleaning and disinfection products that significantly damage any material other than phenolic.

Among the actions we carry out in bathrooms, we can separate them with partitions or, if more privacy is required, with phenolic sanitary cabins. As for changing rooms, we usually incorporate cabins for showers, benches, and countertops.

Schools that have trusted STAFF Grup

The variety, quality, and professionalism of our actions are among the qualities most valued by the schools we have worked with, which is why they trust STAFF Grup with new renovations and equipment year after year.

Cingle de Terrassa School Palcam School Prínceps Barcelona School Súnion Barcelona School Arts Institute Barcelona Pere Lliscart Institute L'Hospitalet