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  LOCATION: Boltaña, Huesca, Aragonese Pyrenees

  CATEGORY: Campsites

  TAGS: Leisure Pool with slides and water games in a delimited area

Alongside the project for the sanitary stalls and countertops at Camping Boltaña, Huesca, the renovation of the bathrooms is also being carried out, including the installation of sanitary cabins and phenolic countertops, providing a completely renewed image of the facilities for many years to come.


Radical change compared to the old pool in the expanded bathing area of Camping Boltaña with the construction of a Leisure pool with an organic shape, where slides and a delimited area of water games for the little ones can be observed, providing them with more safety.

The pool construction project

It is an organic-shaped pool with depths ranging from 0 to 160 cm, a water surface area of 540 m2, and a volume of 520 m3.

Since it is a pool with a water surface area of more than 350 m2, it is mandatory for it to be an overflow pool according to Decree 50-1993 of Aragon's hygienic-sanitary conditions.

The perimeter beach area and walkways have been paved with printed concrete with a sandy tone and texture for a non-slip finish.

The installation is complemented by themed water games, two slides, two paddles of different sizes, and two representative figures of the Camping's mascots.

Advantages of overflow pools

The main advantage of an overflow pool is its filtration system. All the water is pumped from the bottom of the pool and overflows around the perimeter, moving a larger amount of water more effectively to keep it clean.

It has a greater aesthetic appeal regardless of its shape, as the water gives the sensation of being at the beachfront.

Opinion on the pool at Camping Boltaña, Huesca

"One of the most remarkable facilities is our pool area with views of the beautiful Peña Montañesa". This is how the Camping describes the result of the construction works of the 2 pools in Boltaña, in the province of Huesca, at the geographical center of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

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